A cosy obsession

It’s true that I’m not known for my ability to sit still for very long.


Give me an hour away from the busyness of working life and I’ll fill it with three hours worth of things to do (yes family, I can see you collectively eyerolling as I type this!).


So in the moments I find to squeeze in a window of time to myself, you’ll find me with needles in hand.


Knitting is my happy place. 


It’s difficult to express the utter bliss experienced in the crafting of a handknit.


Apart from the enjoyment of the creative process, of imagining the design, developing a pattern, choosing the yarn and colour, there’s an ethereal stillness in the process that transports me to a place of peace like nothing else.


Yes, it’s like meditating, but along with this the simple act of making something beautiful and useful that will keep somebody warm feels like an act of service to the universe, an opportunity to add value to the world rather than being an imposition to it. 


I like to think that the happiness felt while casting every loop, as the yarn slides softly through the fingers is transferred into the very fibres , absorbed and held, to be passed on to the wearer in some way. Ok, probably a figment of my imagination – but the intention’s there if nothing else!



Opening our little store in Bowral nearly two years ago, we set out to focus on selecting meaningful pieces where quality above quantity was key. It seemed only natural that Mum & I add a few of our handmade pieces to the mix.


Of course for me it’s an excuse to do more of what I love doing so, win-win really.


Our handknits are crafted on our family property in the beautiful Southern Highlands, each piece is unique and fashioned with sustainability in mind. The yarn is 100% Peruvian wool, sourced from happy sheep, produced with minimal impact on the environment.



Our handknits are warm, natural, breathable, renewable and biodegradable. Sometimes I knit & crochet with cotton tape yarn, upcycled from the remnants of t-shirt material left on the cutting room floor. 


In every way the aim is to tread lightly, add warmth and spread joy.


This is slow fashion in the truest form. Each piece takes time to knit and will appear in store and online from time to time. Sizes are random, usually generous and one size fits all, most or some!!


Hopefully, a design will resonate with you and take you to your happy place too.


With love,

Tina x