About HEM

HEM Store is a small, family owned business run by real people for real people.

After many years in the fashion industry and with an unquenchable passion for people and fashion, Mum and I were excited to create our own little business together - HEM

We launched the store in Bowral as a Pop-Up in September 2018 and we’ve never looked back.

Our mantra is quality over quantity in both the products we select and the way we serve our customers. We carefully handpick beautiful pieces that offer timeless style and add value to your wardrobe for years to come. We believe that fashion should be fun and that it brings a kind of joy that lifts the human spirit in a way that cannot be undervalued.

The name HEM stands for the finishing touch, that all- important edge.

Hem is also the Swedish word for home – a feeling that we hope you’ll experience in our store where you are always welcomed with an open heart.

Welcome to HEM

Warm wishes.

Tina & Diana